Dedicated IT Professionals
Committed to Your Business Success

Each department is meticulously structured to cater to the unique demands of the MSP, MSSP, and CSP sectors. Explore the core of our departments and the unparalleled value they offer to your enterprise

Executive Leadership
Where Vision Meets Experience

Driving CRC Cloud’s growth and innovation, backed by years of industry expertise.

Chief Sales Officer

Crafting transformative sales strategies

Director of Sales

Leading sales dynamics

PR/DM Coordination

Masters in engaging public relations and strategic direct messaging

Email/CRM Coordination

At the heart of building and sustaining customer relationships

IT Director

Envisioning IT’s future at CRC Cloud

Solutions/Security Architect

Architects of robust tech solutions and security frameworks

Development Architect

Steering revolutionary development paths

Service Coordinator

The champions of impeccable IT service

Technician Team

Handling diverse IT challenges with proficiency

Advisory Board
Guiding Stars of CRC Cloud

Providing governance and strategic foresight, ensuring industry-leading service standards.

Business Advisor

Steering business visions with acumen

Legal Advisor

Navigating the complex judicial milieu

Marketing and Sales Advisor

Offering market-centric insights and strategies

Human Resources & Administration
Celebrating our Human Capital

Championing the growth and well-being of our team.

Talent Acquisition & Development

Sculpting the future of talent at CRC Cloud

Employee Support

Nurturing our team’s holistic growth

Operational Excellence

Crafting seamless operational tapestries

Operational Precision
Ensuring Excellence at Every Step

Operating with precision, compliance, and a commitment to standards.


The guardians of CRC Cloud’s fiscal responsibility

Administrative Assistance

Pillars of our seamless daily operations


Our compass in the vast sea of regulations and standards

Managed Services Department (MSP)
Your IT Ambassadors

Ensuring flawless IT environments with a touch of proactive expertise.

Service Desk Management

Prioritizing customer-centric solutions


Addressing IT concerns, anytime, anywhere

Infrastructure Build Team

Crafting sophisticated server ecosystems

Backup and Disaster Recovery Team 

Protectors of data sanctity

Cybersecurity Oversight

Setting gold standards in cybersecurity

Managed Security Services Department (MSSP)
Your Cybersecurity Shield

A fortified defense against ever-evolving digital threats.

Security Analysts

The sentinels of your digital realm

Threat Intelligence

Strategizing proactive defense mechanisms

Incident Response

At the frontline during security breaches

Security Awareness Training

Illuminating the path to cybersecurity wisdom

Cloud Services Department (CSP)
Pioneering Cloud Expeditions

Powering business transformations with cloud expertise.

Cloud Architects

Sculpting cloud solutions for bespoke needs

Cloud Support

Always there, ensuring your cloud thrives

Cost Management

Your ally in achieving cloud ROI

Research & Development
Tomorrow’s Tech Today

Always a step ahead in tech innovation.

Product Development

Crafting solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Quality Assurance

Where reliability meets excellence

Customer Success & Support
Your Success, Our Commitment

Amplifying client potential with our industry-leading solutions.

Account Managers

Stewards of enduring client partnerships

Customer Support

Addressing queries with agility and precision

Training & Onboarding

Empowering clients for the future

Marketing & Communications
Where CRC Cloud’s Story Begins

Sharing CRC Cloud’s narrative, one compelling message at a time.

Content Creation

Crafting stories that resonate

Brand Management

Guardians of the CRC Cloud brand legacy

Community Engagement

Bridging CRC Cloud with the world

Ready to transform your IT Infrastructure?
Contact CRC Cloud for a partnerships, insights, or queries and explore how our solutions can support your business’s growth
Ready to transform your IT Infrastructure?
Contact CRC Cloud ® for a partnerships, insights, or queries and explore how our solutions can support your business’s growth