On-Site & Remote Maintenance


On-Site & Remote Maintenance

Maintenance & Support

Server Maintenance

Since 1983, CRC Cloud has been providing comprehensive on-site and remote computer system networking support and maintenance. We presently service a large number of customers in education, banking, healthcare, accounting, law firms and manufacturing industries.

Guard against downtime with On-Site and Remote Maintenance for your Servers, Networks, printers and desktop workstations.


CRC will examine all the components of the entire network system. With the information gathered, CRC creates a comprehensive package called “computer system Profile.”

In addition to the above package, you will receive a comprehensive report of the current status of your network system. This package includes a list of all-existing problems and associated cost to resolve these problems.

Upon approval, CRC shall resolve any existing problems.

On-Site service maintenance:

Based on the number of the workstations, servers, printers, and network peripherals, CRC will quote a fixed monthly fee to maintain the equipment and provide scheduled Preventive service maintenance.


Remote service maintenance:

To reduce the cost of maintenance and speed up maintenance, we provide our clients with ongoing remote maintenance as needed. This service can be available to all your servers, critical hardware, as well as your PCs.

Computer System Profile

Innovation and dedication have led CRC Cloud to the forefront in delivering a comprehensive package called “Computer System Profile.” This package is like a blueprint of your entire computer network system.
Package includes:

  • Hardware and software information of all servers.
  • Hardware and software information of all workstations.
  • Graphical presentation of the physical location of all hardware components.
  • Network topology and wiring schematics.
  • Network connectivity of servers, workstations, hubs, switches, routers, and printers.
  • Internet schematic, e-mail distribution, and IP routing of the entire network.
  • Users’ identifications and software.
Advantages of having a “Computer System Profile”

In case of problem with any component, a system engineer can work more efficiently and identify the problem quicker.
You can use this profile for upgrading the systems.
Provides a great asset management of your computer systems.
It can be used for insurance claims in case of any disaster.

Method of Implementation

At the client site(s), CRC will examine the entire network system and operation and collects the required data. These data are then entered into our software program to produce a comprehensive Computer System Profile.