Get Connected Now


Get Connected Now

Network Services


Deployment of additional computer systems in conjunction with your wired network is now Affordable, Quick, and Secure. Wireless eliminates wiring costs and provides mobility.


Provides Internet access, printer sharing and mobility in and around your house.

Multiple Office Buildings:

Now you can make your warehouse, manufacturing and production facility an integrated part of your corporate network without digging costly trenches across streets or parking lots.


Network Solutions

CRC is specialized in providing unique and cost effective computer solution packages for a wide variety of computer applications:

  • Network Design
  • Local Area network
  • Wide Area network
  • Network Security
  • Internet Services
  • Web design
  • E-commerce
  • Web Hosting
  • E-mail hosting
  • Hardware Products
  • Software Products
  • Custom Products
    Scanning solution
    Contact management
    Biometric timesheet
  • Software Development
    Visual Basic
  • Maintenance & Support

Wireless Network

  • Cost Effective
  • Provides Mobility
  • Quick Implementation
  • Share Files and Printers
  • Freedom to move around the house or office without losing Internet connection.

When to consider Wireless network for your business

  • Retrofitting an existing network
  • Adding or expanding a secondary network
  • Adding employees or moving employees to new locations

FREE Onsite Evaluation

CRC provides free on-site evaluation of your existing network system and free consultation as how to take advantage of  Wireless Technology.